Where am I?

BAs of 11/29/14 approx 3,923 Miles (based on Google Map)
-My Google Map-

Where I am

(A note about the map below.  They changed the way the webpage is delivered.  Its hard to see it but there is a LITTLE triangle on the right side of the menu that popped out, right around the middle.  If you click that it will shrink the popup menu)


Where I am going

Lynch_USA Canoe Map2

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  1. Donald Zinter says:

    God speed and keep you safe my Son, It was a real pleasure participating in the launch, be careful and stay safe and dry. I love you and pray you will be ok.

  2. Andy Bugh says:

    Did I read this right? I traveled from Plano to Montana, then paddled solo to the Gulf in 2011. If I can help anyway let me know.

  3. Patrick says:

    “Canyon Ferry Lake” coming up soon….it will be interesting to see how you do there…good luck….crossing under I-90 also interested in seeing if the tracker starts moving along I-90 instead of the river……

  4. Kent Schreyer says:

    Scorecard reads one river completed, just four more to go! I’m trying to look on the bright side. It appears you have a portage tomorrow morning. Then you will head towards your first lake. I hope the weather is holding out for you. Good luck.

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    Hey Keith – Dad told me about your trip….sounds awesome!!! Wishing you good luck!

  6. Norm says:

    Hi all, I paddled with Keith the last two days. All is well. He lost his locator beacon so that is why it appears he is not moving when in fact he is downstream at Broadwater Dam camped with Mike Comer also from Dallas. We tried to find the beacon yesterday but thinks its under some logs or river debris. Keith hopes to get a new beacon soon,…so be patient and know he is making progress despite it showing he is not moving. It was a good last two days paddling with him…plenty of birds, bald eagles, golden eagles, pelican, sand hill cranes, and deer along the river. The bugs were a bit too much for an hour too. All is well with Keith. Cheers

  7. heh Based on how many check ins around Lat: 46.056812 Lon: -111.422974. I would say its sitting there somewhere.

  8. Patrick says:

    progress….is always a good thing….glad your still alive, my black suit is at the cleaners……

  9. Jared King says:

    Did Keith ever pick up a Go-Pro camera?

  10. Patrick says:

    Keith has been kidnapped and is stowed in a chicken hauler headed north east on MT284….someone notify the authorities….

  11. Patrick says:

    where is the “wagon queen family trickster station wagon” marking your progress across the map?????

  12. Elizabeth Bienkiewicz says:

    I follow your journey daily……Truth be told, I check in on you at least twice a day.
    Thank you for the additional information on cumalitive miles travelled. Every mile brings you closer to Vicki.
    If you’d like a little break, I have Red Sox tickets throughout the summer.
    Your spiritual navigator (your mom) is ever present.

  13. Patrick says:

    where’s Sobotka?

  14. Steve Kleinheider says:

    I will try to post the pics from the river by tomorrow. I was the guy with the camera up on the bluff. Have a fun trip!

  15. Kent Schreyer says:

    Good day Keith. Looks like you covered about 28 miles on the river today and that included one portage. Keep it up!

  16. Steve if you can’t post them, feel free to email them to me.
    My e-mail is brandon AT mac-hart.com

  17. Keith Drury says:

    Following you carefully–LOVE the map…enables me to remember my own trek! THANKS!

  18. Patrick says:

    hop skip and jump to Great Falls…..I am proud of you little buddy…..”Skipper said to Gilligan” right before the gorilla took Gilligan’s sailor cap……

  19. Kent Schreyer says:

    Looks like a slow couple of days coming up. Five portages in the next fifteen miles? Are you thinking about bypassing all of them with one portage? Be safe.

  20. Patrick says:

    looks like Keith might be settling down for the long haul, in Grand Rapids.

    “I’ve got a two room flat with a view of the bridge
    That crosses over into “North Dakota”
    It’s pretty to see all lit up at night
    Tips are good, waitin’ tables at a downtown restaurant
    You sound a little surprised that I might be
    Doing all right” Lee Ann Womack

  21. Kent Schreyer says:

    Keith . . . that day and a half of rest was remarkable. I just checked yor beacon and you are moving at 71 mph! How long can you keep up that pace? You’ll be home in late July! I’m having fun in sharing this journey from afar. Good luck.

  22. Patrick says:

    “Where am I”…..is that a statement, or a profound observation?????

  23. Donald Zinter says:

    Looks like Keith is camped out at the Upper Missouri River Parks National Monument in McNulty Bottoms Montana between Highway 191 and the Missouri River. Elevation 2318 ft above sea level, Lat. 47.62, Lon. 108.68. Here’s hopeing he has a quiet and restful evening and gets back on the river to continue his journey in the morning.

  24. Donald Zinter says:

    Keith is back on the river after a restful night at the Upper Missouri River Parks National Monument in McNulty Bottoms Montana. He is traveling South at 5.0 mph, at an elevation of 2247 ft above sea level, Lat. 47.61, Lon. 108.51. Let’s hope he makes up for some of the time lost yesterday. Happy canoeing oh great explorer. 

  25. Jim McKay says:

    My family and I had the pleasure of having dinner Keith and swapping stories on the night of the 25th at James Kipp park. I am sure I will be spreading tales of your journey as will my children, for years to come. Happy travels my friend.

  26. Stephanie McKay says:

    It was a great pleasure having Keith’s company at James Kipp Park. What a great guy! How blessed we were to cross eachothers paths 🙂 I will be praying for a safe adventure filled trip for you my friend!

  27. James Harper says:

    Man Keith you are missing a great world cup. Keep paddling your way home and we’ll have a beer to celebrate your return. Take care my friend.

  28. Michael Callaway says:

    Missing World Cup means nothing to Keith. To quote one Keith Lynch, he would rather watch his grandparents make out. Now missing fantasy football draft day, that would be aweful

  29. Patrick says:

    Somebody is hauling butt, but it looks like he is out in the middle of nowhere…you have to zoom out quite a bit to see land on the GPS thingy…..

  30. Patrick says:

    FYI today Hurricane Arthur formed from a tropical storm, is expected to hug the coast through the weekend, not expected to make landfall….1st name storm of 2014

  31. Jared King says:

    See any fireworks for the 4th?

  32. Roger says:

    Everyday you seem closer and closer to crossing the state line and hitting North Dakota. I got to wondering if you’ll know the exact spot in the river where you”ll cross. If you have it Marked on the GPS or if there is a sign on the river Bank.

    Keep Paddling Bro! Almost there!

  33. Patrick Lynch says:

    Hello Uncle Keith. How are you doing on your trip? We are still in Colorado.


  34. Kerry says:

    Hey Keith,

    Hope Montana was all you thought it would be. Loved the bearded look. A Patriots fan bought our house and LeBron may be headed to Cleveland. Lots happening while you are on the river!
    Safe travels.

  35. Patrick says:

    last night “DeLorme” showed you were sleeping right in the middle of the river. What’s up wit dat?????

  36. Michael Callaway says:

    I hope you have bear spray

  37. Patrick says:

    Went to the Rays game today….Tampa 3 Toronto 0…nacho’s (not from a campsite) were okay…chips were stale…Paddle on dude…..

  38. Patrick says:

    how did they come up with … 39th street NW …. out in the middle of nowhere…shouldn’t it be “riverside” or “mountain view” or something like that????

  39. Patrick says:

    dear uni-canoer, there is a guy in Bismarck ND that has a ten year collection of Guitar magazine…I was wondering if you could pick it up for me and bring it home… mags are already paid for….be a pal and do me this one favor?????

  40. Donald Zinter says:

    At 7:30 am, Pacific Time, it looks like you are heading for shore next to a tributary/ small river inlet. Your speed is only 2.5 mph (must be paddling), 1848 ft above sea level, Lat. 48.03, Lon. 103.36, heading East by South East. What is up with that, are you tired or taking a portage break?

  41. Patrick says:

    what are the possibilities of you consuming an EXTRA LARGE DOUBLE DOUGH DOUBLE CHEESE PIZZA in one sitting???? any wagers???? I think you should try it the next time you run across a town with a 3rd Base Pizza Shop.

  42. Sean says:

    Hey uncle Keith! such a coincidence but i just went for a canoe ride at this camp i was doing. you get the better end of the bargain! my partner was the steering person but she had little to no faith about it so i was doing everything and then she got demanding. ugh… Women

  43. Ron Boen says:

    the four “Daks” thoroughly enjoyed breaking bread with you last night after assisting you with your portage at the Garrison Dam. Be safe on your voyage. We would love to talk more but we are going to Pick City for ice cream!! We have to prioritize you know.
    Ron and Carol Boen & Carl and Brenda Burchill

  44. Carl Burchill says:

    Say we looking at your video outlining your trip..Our best guess is you are down 30 lbs. be safe and keep us posted. Carl

  45. Donald Zinter says:

    Check it out, Keith is currently camped in Washburn North Dakota, the perfect spot for a man with his obsession of Lewis and Clark. Washburn is a city in McLean County, North Dakota and is the county seat of McLean County. The population was only 1,246 at the 2010 census. Washburn was founded in 1882 and became the county seat in 1883. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn provides an overview of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, with special emphasis on the time spent at Fort Mandan during the winter of 1804- 1805. After Lewis and Clark left to continue their journey west, the rich history of this area continued to grow, with the establishment of Fort Clark in 1830. Built as a trading post of the American Fur Company, Fort Clark soon became a cultural and diplomatic center for the early Americans and the neighboring Mandan and Arikara tribes. The Interpretive Center is located at the intersection of US Highway 83 and ND Highway 200A on McLean County Highway 17, Washburn, North Dakota, 38 miles north of Bismarck.

  46. Kent Schreyer says:

    Congratulations, Keith. You’ve left another state in your wake and are on your last big lake. It’s amazing how much a little current and good weather can help. Keep up the good work!

  47. bacaruda73 says:

    Looks like you’re making good time on Lake Oahe! Keep it up and be safe!

  48. Dominique says:

    Three states down, more than a few to go.

  49. Nate Bauer says:

    Hey Keith. Great talking with you tonight at Bridge City Marina (Mobridge, SD). If I didn’t have to work in the AM I would have loved to stay out and chat over a few more beers! I am truly inspired by your journey and I know it will bring you an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Something that very few can say they did. Safe travels!

  50. Don and Helen says:

    We are enjoying watching your journey. Looks like you are making good progress. Keith, enjoy every minute of what you are doing. You are having a once in lifetime experience. Hope you are taking advantage of every minute of it. You have seen many beautiful sights that many will not ever get to enjoy. Can’t wait to see you and see more of the pictures that you have taken.

    Happy trails!

  51. Donald Zinter says:

    At 2:00 pm pacific coast time it looks like Keith has stopped for the night at what might be a marina at the far end of Lake Oaha, just past West Shore Recreation Area and north of Pierre South Dakota. A good spot to stop and rest, maybe even stock up on a few supplies or grab a quick burger before heading back to the rivers charted course. Oh what a trip it’s been, with the real challenges still to come (where the muddy Mississippi lies in wait). Keep on going Keith you average distance is becoming steady at between 20 and 21 miles per day, it could increase a little with just two or three more strokes of the paddle per minute.

  52. Donald Zinter says:

    7:20 am Pacific Time; it looks like Keith is resting at a marina in Yankton South Dakota, in the Snake Creek Recreation Area of Lake Francis Case. My guess is that he will finally make Nebraska by tomorrow, depending on how long he stays in Yankton. Keep plugging along and maintain that average daily distance. Pretty impressive so far.

  53. Helen Miller says:

    It was great meeting you at our home in Sioux City, Keith. May your canoe trip be trouble free.

  54. Dave Miller says:

    We met Keith in Yankton SD. He had made it there just in time to participate in “Riverboat Days” Kayak and Canoe race. (8 mile race for fun.) Needless to say Keith stuck out like a sore thumb…LOL! a little over packed for a two hour race! What a tale he has to tell. He inspired me and my family and we thank him for taking us up on offers of food for stories. Good Luck and thank you for reminding us what is possible!
    Dave, Katie, Abbie and Nick Miller Jefferson SD

  55. Patrick says:

    The trail is going crazy…that GPS line is all over the place…..too much pickled walleye…yeah man…..

  56. Lisa Davis says:

    Had a wonderful visit with Keith this afternoon!! Such an amazing adventure!! It was great to have you at The IceCream Shoppe in Brownville!! Have a safe trip!

  57. Michele Weber says:

    My husband and I met Keith last night as we were taking our dogs for an evening swim on the river. He had landed at our campsite on the river and needed a place to camp. Of course you can Keith! We love the river and take advantage of it as often as possible. It is the most relaxing place I know. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your story. Good luck, stay safe and God Bless!

  58. Vicki says:

    “Well, I might take a plane I might take a train. But if I have to walk I’m going just the same. I’m going to Kansas City. Kansas City, here I come.”-Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller (made popular by Fats Domino, Little Willie Littlefield, Muddy Waters)

    I am looking forward to meeting Keith in Kansas City for Labor Day weekend! It is hard to believe that he has traveled as far as he has since I saw him 85 days ago. He has been able to share his adventures through this website, but it will be great to spend a few days together. Will I be able to recognize you? Time will tell.


  59. Donald Zinter says:

    Wow, get this – at 1:45 pm pacific coast time Keith is averaging 23.4 mph heading west on west 4th Ave., in Jefferson City Mo. Do I detect a little cheating going on here? How can you you possibly paddle a canoe on dry land at that speed?? It’s a miracle.

  60. James Harper says:

    Hey hurry back, row your but off because the Patriots need you. They just lost to the Dolphins and are now in last place in the division. Tom terrific was not so terrific on Sunday. Just thought you would like to know. Oh by the way your man Peyton Manning and Big Ben both won.

  61. Kerry says:

    Keith going for a world record for facial hair. Yes the Patriots need you, as do the Skins and the Browns and the Buckeyes. Brutal. Enjoy St Louis

  62. Donald Zinter says:

    Well the big event is here, Keith is land locked on dry land at what looks like an industrial complex or shopping center on Pershall Rd. just off I-270 in St. Louis, MO., not far from Riverview Park on the Mississippi River. Vicki that means he is now your responsibility and no longer mine for rescue purposes. Good progress Keith keep on paddling, see you in Dallas for Thanksgiving.

  63. Patrick says:

    here comes the mighty Mississippi….woo woo!!!!!

  64. Patrick says:

    FYI…why aren’t the head hairs growing at the same rate as the chin hairs??????

  65. Keith; It was great to meet you on the river at New Haven, MO. What an awesome way to see God’s creations.


  66. Art says:

    Had dinner the other night with John and Karen G. John told me of your adventure! Really amazing! I’ll be following you on here and wishing you the BEST of LUCK!

  67. Joe Tousignant says:

    I met Keith at Trail of Tears State Park in MO this evening and delivered a sack of cheeseburgers and a couple of diet cokes. Great to meet you Keith and talk paddling! Godspeed!

  68. Donald Zinter says:

    6.3 mph is pretty good speed; obviously that’s Mississippi River speed. Just be careful of the tug boats and barges, they can be a real hazard. I currently have you spotted just south of Cape Girardeau Missouri, elevation 355 ft above sea level traveling south at 6.3 mph, Lat: 37.24, Lon: -89.46. See you in Dallas for Thanksgiving Son.

  69. Amy Vance says:

    What an amazing journey! Looking forward to seeing you in Rosedale, MS.

  70. Donald Zinter says:

    Looks like Keith is spending the night on a nice sandy beach across the river from New Madrid Missouri.
    New Madrid was founded in 1776 to 1778 by Spanish Governor Esteban Rodríguez Miró who welcomed Anglo-Saxon settlers but required them to become citizens of Spain and live under the guidance of his appointed empresario, Revolutionary War veteran Colonel William Morgan of New Jersey, who contracted a number of American families to settle at New Madrid. Some 2,000 settled in the region. In 1800, Spain traded the territory to France in the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso, who promptly sold it to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.[6]

    The city is remembered as being the nearby location for the Mississippi River military engagement, the Battle of Island Number Ten, during the Civil War.

    At the turn of the 20th century, New Madrid contained two lumber mills, a grist mill, stave and heading factory, cotton gin, two Protestant, one Catholic and two black churches.[7] In 1900, 1,489 people lived in New Madrid, Missouri; in 1910, the population was 1,882. The population was 3,116 at the 2010 census. New Madrid is the county seat of New Madrid County.[8] This county seat is home to the consolidated middle and high schools.

  71. Jarrod Cartee says:

    It was good to meet you today at the boat ramp in Caruthersville,MO I have my whole family following you on the map now.

  72. TG says:

    Hi Keith. Glad you made it through Memphis, everyone enjoyed meeting you. Am posting the link for Bill Nedderman, he’s the hiker/paddler/cyclist from Iowa who I mentioned. Also posted the link to my blog, though it’s still a shell for now. Cheers.

  73. Donald Zinter says:

    Looks like Keith spent the night in Clarksdale Mississippi, and having caught his DeLorme tracking him traveling west at 53.0 mph on some road in Clarksdale (away from the water) one can draw the conclusion he was making a BEER run before continuing his journey south. Clarksdale is a city in Coahoma County, Mississippi, and seat of the county.[1] Located in the Mississippi Delta region, Clarksdale is an agricultural center, and has been home to many blues musicians. Clarksdale is named after John Clark, who founded the town. John Clark founded the town in 1848 when he bought land in the area and started a timber business. Clark was also brother-in-law to James Lusk Alcorn, who owned a nearby plantation, and went on to became a senator and then governor.

  74. Michael Callaway says:

    I know that you are done with short cuts, but it looks like you will be coming up to a good one on your right past a sand island. Happy paddling

  75. James Harper says:

    Man Keith you are getting close enough to home that we can start to catch a whiff of your smell with a northeast wind. You are almost there bud, keep on paddling.

  76. James Harper says:

    The Helinda is invading the South. Watch out for cannon fire near Vicksburg, they still don’t like Yankees down there.

  77. Christopher Reagh says:

    Looks like you have some pretty rough weather headed your way

  78. Aaron Klijn says:

    Welcome to the Red! It’s all up river from here.

  79. Michael Callaway says:

    Red River! Yumm

  80. James Harper says:

    Now Keith has to row up river. This is now a much different journey.

  81. Roland Scroggs says:

    I live on the Red River about 5 miles south of Downtown Alexandria and It’s now 7:00 in the evening. You just went passed me and what an amazing trip you must be having. Good Luck

  82. LaDonna Hunley says:

    Wish I would have known you were passing by, I would have loved to have met you. I live about 15 minutes from the RED RIVER south of Alexandria, LA

  83. Donald Zinter says:

    Keith is traveling at 3.1 mph, heading west, elev 94 ft above sea level, Lat 31.62, Lon -92.88 and should make Shreveport sometime on Sunday Oct. 18th. Now hear this for those who are following Keith’s journey and are unaware of his growing fame and rock star status. Check out http://www.thetowntalk.com or http://www.Kalb.com and type in Keith Lynch under search and see for yourself how famous he has become, I mean the Dude is now appearing on television. How cool is that!!

  84. Just met Keith here in Shreveport on the Red River. Was able to do an interview with him and shoot some video. Very nice man. Once I have the video ready to air, I will post a link. Good Luck Keith.

  85. Donald Zinter says:

    At a whopping 1.9 mph Keith is making his way through Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisana on his way to Dallas. Looks like a shoe in for spending Thanksgiving with family and loved ones, and sharing tales of his marvelous adventure. Go Keith, “You Rule”.

  86. Norm says:

    Doing great Keith!!! This is an epic trip and the late Verlen Kruger would be proud of your upstream paddle too! Way to go and thanks for inspiring the rest of us couch potatoes back at the office. Its been fantastic to follow your journey and see your photos. CONGRATS!!!!

  87. Donald Zinter says:

    Well Keith has decided to spend the night with one of his groupies in Arthur City Texas. Here are some interesting facts about Arthur City that I bet you didn’t know;
    Arthur City is on the Red River at the intersection of Farm Road 197 and U.S. Highway 271 in extreme north central Lamar County. The town was founded by Capt. J. G. C. Arthur in 1886 as a stop on the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. Arthur donated the land for the railroad right-of-way and had it platted into twelve blocks. The post office was established that same year. By 1890 Arthur City had 300 residents, three general stores, a Western Union telegraph office, a blacksmith shop, a furniture maker, and an undertaker. J. H. Arthur was postmaster. In 1892 a new hotel, a doctor’s office, and a sawmill were established. A common school had been organized by 1896, when it enrolled twenty-five pupils and employed one teacher. The most prosperous years for the town were the early railroad days, when lumber resources were untapped and prices for farm produce were high. By 1904, however, the local timber supply was becoming exhausted, and many residents began to leave the vicinity in search of other jobs, particularly in cities such as nearby Dallas. In 1914 most commercial enterprises in Arthur City had closed, leaving the telegraph office, a grocery, a telephone exchange, and two general stores. Residents numbered 150. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the town had five businesses and 200 residents. By 1943 it had a population of 100 and three businesses. The school had closed by 1957, and local students attended school in the Chicota Independent School District. In 1959 the population was sixty.

  88. rob walker says:

    Dude, hop you aren’t freezing your ass off out there! You are missing some classic Patriots football…

  89. Christopher Reagh says:

    The cold is here to stay for a while. Stay warm

  90. John Durst says:

    Really enjoyed getting a chance to meet you . I tsure do hope you are staying warm and dry . Hope to see you on wed.

  91. James Harper says:

    Keith is in Sherman. you are so close to the end now but because of the overland hops to the trinity and around damns is likely we be somewhat of a let down after such a long and triumphant river journey. See you soon Keith.

  92. Michael Callaway says:

    Woah there Sir Speedy Gonzales, it is amazing what no current is doing for your speed and distance. Also the fact that you turned on Beast Mode and started at 4 AM probably helped too.

  93. Pete Reincke says:

    Just started watching. Pretty fantastic! What creek are you taking south?

  94. Michael Callaway says:

    One day, you crossed Lake Texoma in one day!

  95. Patrick Buttil says:

    looks like your ready to head south….way to go pedro….I never SAUSAGE such a place….

  96. Patrick Buttil says:

    news flash….canoeist nearing the Dallas Ft Worth area causes earthquake…it has been determined that the roar of cheering fans celebrating the arrival of the canoeist caused such an uproar that the Geiger meters mistook the rumble as an earthquake…more at 11

  97. Lorenzo Erickson says:

    Trinity River, Congrats man! The rest is just a technicality now, thank you for sharing your amazing journey!

  98. Kent Schreyer says:


    Fantastic!! Can you believe you are finally on the Trinity River? Last river. Less than 70 miles on the interstate. What a journey. A year of planning coming to an end. I hope I can be there when you cross the finish line. By the way, any thoughts of blowing through Big D and extending the voyage to Galveston? Just a thought! Hope to see you soon.

  99. Michael Callaway says:

    For those who are interested we will be having a Welcome Home Party at the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge in Dallas, TX on Saturday at around 3:00 PM Nov 29th, 2014. If you are friends with me on Facebook I sent an evite, if we do not know each other shot me an e-mail at michaeljcallaway@yahoo.com for the 411

  100. Jared King says:

    A facebook group has been created to host photos from friends of Keith’s. Here’s a link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/725264224224776/

    Michael Callaway is the administrator and will add you if you request to join the page.

  101. Kieth’s trip is one Verlen Kruger would be proud of. I’m sending him a copy of ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE tomorrow.

  102. Excellent talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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