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St. Joseph, MO

“The heat is on, on the street. Inside your head, on every beat. And the beat’s so loud, deep inside. The pressure’s high, just to stay alive. ‘Cause the heat is on.”-Glenn Fry People, it’s hot. To this point, the …

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From the town of Brownville, Nebraska

“You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”-Pink Floyd Someone, …

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Into Omaha

“Current, sweet glorious current”-Scott Mestrezat Succinctly described and spot on Scott. Friday August 15th I made it to Lewis and Clark Lake.  I think.  The winds abated enough for me to capitalize on the current and make my push to …

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On to the last Lake, Lewis & Clark

“Wheel in the sky keeps on turning, don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow, wheel in the sky keeps turnin.”-Journey Sunday August 10th Today was a day “off.”  This consisted of paddling 3 miles back to Chamberlain,   resupplying, and then paddling …

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Trip So Far

Keith sent this to me to share with you guys.   Map PowerPoint

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Keith’s Commentary (response to Andy) & Part 1 In The Books

“Mmm, I’m telling you now, The greatest thing you ever can do now, Is trade a smile with someone who is blue now.”-Friends by Led Zeppelin Hello Good People, I have shared with you that I read all comments and …

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Pictures from Scott

Scott Abbas took some pictures of Keith.  Below is his message and pictures.  Thank you Scott!!     I snapped a couple pictures of you as we passed just south of Chamberlain. I was in the yellow sailboat and we …

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Chillin in Chamberlain

“I looked in Miami, I looked in Negril, The closest I came was a month old bill, I checked The Bahamas and they said she was gone, I can’t understand why she did me so wrong.”-Bob Seger Lake Oahe? Check. …

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2 more Videos

“Yo soy fiesta.”-Rob Gronkowski’s response to an ESPN Deportes reporter when asked about how he feels about going to the Super Bowl… The welcome to North Dakota segment had to be scraped due to wind…and I forgot to give special …

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Lake Oahe

“You may be right, I may be crazy..but it may be just a lunatic you’re looking for.”-William Joel I do read all the comments, thank you…I hope to respond sometime..this paddling thing kinda gets in the way.  Thank you for …

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