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Paddlin’ in Memphis

“Time is everlasting but nothing outlasts time, whatever comes must go it seems it’s not ours to question why.” – Tora Tora (great Memphis 80’s rock band) Dale Sanders. The man. Saturday, September 20th I awoke to a warm early …

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Life on the Mississippi

“Mississippi Queen, you know what I mean.  Mississippi Queen, she taught me everything.”- Mountain Tuesday, September 16th It’s not often that a “sandbar” is my destination. Today this was the case and it exceeded my expectations. Mike Clark furnished me with …

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Ol’ Man River (and he is at flood stage)

“Unquestionably the discovery of the Mississippi is a datable fact which considerably mellows and modifies the shiny newness of our country, and gives her a most respectable outside-aspect of rustiness and antiquity.”-Mark Twain Thank you Steve for the additional photos. …

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Pictures from Steve Kleinheider

Here is some pictures of Keith that Steve Kleinheider wanted to share with all of you.  

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John G Arrives/Spirit Hill/Michael Clark

“When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that’s the best. When I lay me down to die, join up to the spirit in the sky”-Norman Greenbaum What a week. Sunday September 7th Football …

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Cooper’s Landing

“If you’re going to San Francisco, your gonna meet some gentle people there.”-Scott Mckenzie Cooper’s Landing. Wow. Tuesday September 2nd I awoke from a quality night’s sleep indoors (particularly since it rained last night) and Mike cooked a nice breakfast. …

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Norm Miller & Kris Walker find the bag!!!

“It’s buried under a big W, I tell you. A big W.”-It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World I never laughed harder in my life than I did as an 8 year old watching the final scene of this classic flick. …

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I saw Red in KC

“So, what does your wife think of this journey?”-Everyone I meet. Hello Good People, Yes, I have emerged from the wonderful weekend spent with my spouse, Vicki,in KC. Tuesday August 26thI decided to take today off and stay at the …

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