About Me

Hello Good People,

My name is Keith Lynch and I live in Dallas, Texas.  I originally hail from Massachusetts though have been a resident of the Lone Star State since 1993 (save 1 year in FL).  I am passionate about Boston sports teams, Dallas Mavericks, and American history.  My wife of 14 years is a true Texan and arguably the most understanding woman in “The States.”

After spending 246 months working in an office, I have decided to embark on what I view as a uniquely American adventure.  Yes, I will canoe through the spine of America, paddling in 15 states, starting in “Big Sky” country and completing the voyage 5 miles from my home.

I hope to bring perspective of my journey by sharing photographs and videos as I navigate the Jefferson, Missouri, Mississippi, Red and Trinity Rivers.


Welcome to The Voyage-Keith



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