Welcome back Keith

Please join us on Saturday 11/29 around 3:30 and welcome Keith back to Dallas!  We are planning on meeting under the Continental Pedestrian Bridge in Dallas by the Trinity River. Thanks, Vicki More details. Message from Keith. Finish at continental …

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Q&A With Keith

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Pictures from Steve Kleinheider


Here is some pictures of Keith that Steve Kleinheider wanted to share with all of you.  

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Trip So Far

Keith sent this to me to share with you guys.   Map PowerPoint

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Pictures from Scott


Scott Abbas took some pictures of Keith.  Below is his message and pictures.  Thank you Scott!!     I snapped a couple pictures of you as we passed just south of Chamberlain. I was in the yellow sailboat and we …

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Fort Peck Comparison


A buddy of mine, Jeff Martin, here at Keith’s old work wanted to do a comparison of Fort Peck to a local lake (Lake Lewisville).   He wanted to share that with you guys.   Wow… Paddle Keith Paddle!!

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Thursday June 12th

“I love a rainy night, I love to hear the thunder watch the lightning”- Eddie RabbittThursday started innocently enough. It ended with a bang. After a pleasant nights rest at the Garvins, Will drove Mike and I back to Lake Hauser …

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Pictures from Steve


Here is some pictures that Steve A. Kleinheider sent us. “Here are a couple of pics I snapped of Keith going down the Missouri River yesterday.  I just happened to stop on a bluff above the river to take some photos…and …

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Canyon Ferry Lake. Check.

“I’m just waiting on a friend.”- Mick & Keith Wednesday June 11th Mike and I woke up early to calm lake conditions and headed out early. It was a long day, a rewarding day. After being mildly perturbed about making …

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Canyon Ferry Silos to almost White Earth

Tuesday June 10th “Shed a tear cause I’m missing you, I’m still alright to smile”- GNR One week down.  With the capsizing debacle behind me, and the adjustment process still under way, Mike and I head out onto Canyon Ferry. …

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