Keith’s Commentary (response to Andy) & Part 1 In The Books

“Mmm, I’m telling you now, The greatest thing you ever can do now, Is trade a smile with someone who is blue now.”-Friends by Led Zeppelin

Hello Good People,

I have shared with you that I read all comments and I find them entertaining and inspiring.  I have been quite busy and haven’t had time to personally respond to everyone, for this I apologize.  Once the journey is complete, perhaps, you will receive a personal response (even you Harper).  I did feel it was appropriate I address Andy’s recent comment since I believe it is symbolic of my overall experience to date.

I met Andy at West Prairie Resort, we had a 10 minute conversation.  I consider him a lifelong friend.  Andy, to me, is what is so great about this adventure and our country.  He is generous, willing to help, interested in others, and genuine. These are characteristics I have found in almost everyone I have encountered along the way.  So Andy, I am good but perhaps some more Walleye next time we cross paths.  Thank you to everyone for your assistance along the way, I will not allow one misguided individual to negatively impact my trip.

I have now completed what I consider Part 1 of 3 of my journey. I am done with the crazy lakes up here, it was a relief to pull into the Lewis and Clark marina signifying an end to lakes and portages (at least until Texas).  The most difficult aspect of the trip to date was trying to be patient.  Mother Nature dictates one’s passage and I understood this conceptually prior to the journey.  The reality is that when conditions didn’t allow for paddling I found it frustrating although in many cases the waiting turned out to be a blessing.  The two moments that stand out are the day I left Peck only to find myself in a worse camping situation due to wave conditions and, secondly, falling three miles short of Oahe dam due to a wind storm.  On the positive side (and 99% was positive), the pristine beauty of the lands traversed have created indelible images and memories.

I look forward to Part 2 of the voyage which will lead me to the Red River.  I sure hope to avoid contact with Mr. Barge.

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3 Responses to Keith’s Commentary (response to Andy) & Part 1 In The Books

  1. Michael Callaway says:

    I am more worried about a river boat gambler then a barge

  2. andy swenson says:

    Walleye it is…..I have connections in Dallas too. Will watch for you to get home.
    May the rest of your trip be blessed.

  3. Donald Zinter says:

    Inspiring to say the least, you truly have been blessed by all the wonderful people who have taken the time to help out when they could with meals, transportation, and portage. Most people in this wonderful country are truly giving and caring people, it’s the other 10% that are the problem.

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