Pictures from Steve

Here is some pictures that Steve A. Kleinheider sent us.

“Here are a couple of pics I snapped of Keith going down the Missouri River yesterday.  I just happened to stop on a bluff above the river to take some photos…and this guy in a canoe yells up and asks me to post pics to  It was interesting to read about his canoe adventure!  Here are some pics that you can post to his site.  Enjoy!”

Thank you Steve for sharing!!!





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5 Responses to Pictures from Steve

  1. Michael Callaway says:

    So you have resorted to yelling at random people while you float down the river?

  2. Good pictures Steve, thanks for sharing, Go Keith you are beginning to look like a real pro

  3. Iris Gustafson says:

    Awesome!! Drink in the beauty!!!!

  4. Norm says:

    Great photos!!!!

  5. David Forbes says:

    A beautiful stretch of the river.

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