“Think of me and I’ll be there. We had joy, we had fun. We had seasons in the sun, but the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time.”-Terry Jacks Well…for the few of you that still have …

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This was just added to my bucket list! But perhaps I should finish college... more
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Just read the final post. Man how amazing it all was. So glad I was there to... more

“I don’t know where I’m going…but I sure know where I’ve been.”-Whitesnake Thursday, November 27th Nothing says “thanks” like a  ride from your brother to the east side of Lake Lewisville.  Kevin happily drove Norm and I back to Lake …

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When do we get to read about the final two days of Canoe Voyage? Don’t... more
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After Wajid and I left you at the 37 bridge I thought for sure you would still... more

Wednesday, November 26th Last night proved to be a great “last night” of camping.  Norm and I woke to beautiful, cool, crisp North Texas morning.  We prepared for launch and departed for the Ray Roberts Marina on the opposite side …

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Who knew that the trinity river could be so pretty? more
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Double man power must feel great! I was wondering how you made it across the... more

Tuesday, November 25th Well, the first night on the Trinity was a success.  Temps have moderated significantly, I didn’t even need hand warmers to prepare for today’s float. However, I did use my saw for the first time since Montana. …

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Babes is a great restaurant to eat at, I hope they took your picture, you are a... more
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the trinity is still freer flowing than the St Mary’s River. What a... more


“This is the end. My only friend, the end.”-The Doors Friday, November 21st I finished Texoma today.  Sort of.  I wanted to complete as much of the lake as possible because of uncertain weather conditions tomorrow and Sunday.  It is suppose …


Out of Mayfield’s and Into Texoma

“I have a lot of things I need to do, this is what I chose to do.”-Mayfield’s response to my thanking him for the Red/Texoma portage Monday, November 17th It snowed last night, quite early in the season for North …


Polar Vortex in Full Blast/John Durst & Mayfield

“I really can’t stay, but baby it’s cold outside. I’ve got to go away, but baby it’s cold outside.”-Dean Martin Thursday, November 13th It was so nice to sleep in a nice warm environment last night.  I stepped onto Dustin’s …


Link to Dallas Morning News Article

Here is the link to today’s article in the DMN.


It’s Cold & Windy/Shelter at Dustin’s

“Every mile is two in winter.”-George Herbert Sunday, November 9th Michael, Wajid and I awoke to a chilly Texas morning.   After one night camping The Red sandbars, I’m sure they couldn’t get away quickly enough….fortunately they drove to town …


Additional Posts and Videos Coming….here’s one from Launch Day

The missing Montana files….please note after speaking with the Madisonian reporter I was pretty much ready to go back to Dallas-by car.  A big thank you to Mayor Tom for helping me set sail.