Today is the Day!!!

“Don’t look back, ooh a new day is breakin’. It’s been too long since I felt this way. I don’t mind ooh where I get taken. The road is callin’, today is the day.”-Boston I apologize for the lack of updates over the …

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Welcome back Keith

Please join us on Saturday 11/29 around 3:30 and welcome Keith back to Dallas!  We are planning on meeting under the Continental Pedestrian Bridge in Dallas by the Trinity River. Thanks, Vicki More details. Message from Keith. Finish at continental …

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Canoe & Kayak Magazine Article

Canoe & Kayak magazine ran a story on my adventure.  Enjoy.

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Kingpin? Mules, Mike & Wajid

“She don’t lie. She don’t lie. She don’t lie. Cocaine.”-Eric Clapton Thursday, November 6th A foggy morning.  A spectacular afternoon.  After a long two days dealing with dreary rain, the skies cleared to a perfect day on the Red.  It …

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Cold November Rain

“‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever. Even Cold November Rain.”-GNR Monday, November 3rd A good day. I felt refreshed and made decent progress, I am almost to the 259 bridge and should pass it early tomorrow.  I understand it may rain on …

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New Boston, TX

“Nobody on the road. Nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, the summer’s out of reach. Empty lake, empty streets. The sun goes down alone.”-Don Henley Thursday, October 30th I left this morning into the thickest fog …

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“Your living our dream oh you on top. Thats how it happens living life by the drop.” (Dallas’ own)-Stevie Ray Vaughan Sunday, October 26th A better day. I am resigned to finishing the trip when I finish.  One bend at …

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Alone on The Red

“Little by little, the time goes. Little by little, the days pass by. Little by little, the air clears.”-Robert Plant Wednesday, October 22nd I felt even better than yesterday.  My spirits improved when I found the local mini-mart.  I  lined …

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“Take your time…don’t live too fast.  Troubles will come and they will pass.”-Lynyrd Skynyrd Saturday, October 18th As has been customary during the voyage, I shook off the “missing friend” blues and paddled on. My focus was to canoe 25 …

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Knack-A-Dish with Weller

“You can quit if you want, and no one will care. But you will know for the rest of your life.” Ironman co-founder John Collins Tuesday, October 14th Vicki and I stayed at Howard and Linda’s and had an nice …

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