Random Thoughts, Q&A, and Photos

So the time is here. I will be off the grid (save for the Delorme) for the next two weeks.  I will be paddling through the Missouri Breaks and the big, bad mean Mr. Fort Peck Lake.  Fort Peck has more shore miles (1500) than California!!  Everyone has dire stories of Peck, frankly I am slightly nervous (OK scared ..less) about crossing Peck.  This will be a true test, I will be as careful as possible and will only paddle as conditions warrant.  Enjoy the tracker.

CV: What has been most surprising aspect about the trip?

KL: Rain, wet conditions. I expected violent storms, I also anticipated they would be fast moving.  I didn’t expect Seattle to break out.  The beauty here though is absolutely stunning, I love the remoteness and the ever changing landscape.

CV: What went through your mind when you capsized?

KL: I was actually relatively calm, I was glad my PFD functioned properly, and I was glad Mike was right there to help. I also thought if my boat is OK, I will make it.

CV:  How’s you’re a$$ and arms holding up so far after all those miles already? I’m curious what you’re doing for food along the way, did you pack a lot or are you fishing as you go? I’m wondering if you have food caches lined up ahead of you or if you plan to make enough stops along the way to replenish? 

KL: I am actually starting to get in shape, the rump is a little sore but OK.  I never really had big guns to start with so not much to hurt there.  I buy food when I arrive in towns. I had enough to get me to Great Falls to start off…the next two weeks I will be  fully loaded with food and water to get me to the end of Ft. Peck.  I will resupply when I get to towns.  Some folks will have food sent in advance to post offices.

CV: No videos?

KL: I did recently buy another camcoreder, so I may have some videos…it will be awhile before any postings though.

CV: Led Zeppelin or Steve Miller Band?

KL: C’mon now.  Really??

CV: Do you miss work?

KL: I miss the friendships and the people.  I really haven’t thought about it much, I pretty much have a purpose every day. Wake up and paddle.

CV: Who is Norm Miller and Mike Comer?

KL: They are my Sacagawea. Without them, not sure if this could have worked.

CV: What about your wife?

KL: Top two box, top box. No question.


Thank you again for everyone’s thoughts.  Talk with you in a couple weeks….LET’S CANOE!!!!









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19 Responses to Random Thoughts, Q&A, and Photos

  1. Norm says:

    Great Photos!!!

  2. Michael Callaway says:

    Will be praying for you as your cross the great lake of doom!!! Be careful Keith

  3. Stuart and Nancy says:

    We are enjoying your pics and stories of your big adventure. Travel safely.

  4. James Harper says:

    Keith, once you finish your 3900 mile paddle I have another challenge for you.


  5. David Neill says:

    this is the best internet in a great while – we’ve got a lot of McAfee watching as you go too cheering you on!

  6. Jared King says:

    Maybe your future career could heading up the Department of Interior!!

  7. john gutierrez says:

    LOVE the pics and the stories. Glad to hear the locals are all so gracious. You are one tough dude. Your arms are going to look like Popeyes arms. Enjoy the river.

  8. Wajid says:

    Great Pics, good luck over the next two weeks. The adventure continues!!!

  9. bacaruda73 says:

    Glad you’re equipped with a camera again. Stay safe!

  10. Glad you’re enjoying the paddle, Keith! Paddles up! (salute)

  11. Norm says:

    Way to go!! I see you are in the White Cliffs!! One of the most beautiful sections of the river and unchanged for the most parts since Lewis and Clark paddled through there in 1805!! Lots to see and explore in there. Once the home of Jeremiah Johnson who was a wood hawk in the 1800s supplying wood for the steamboats. Also Chief Joseph and his tribe crossed the river below you in the historic flew to reach Canada which they did not. Hope you get to experience the ghost of the past and the magic of the moment down there. It can be lift changing for sure for anyone. Keep up the good work. You’re very inspiring. It only takes some 10 year old boy to read your journey and a spark will ignite changing him for the better….and it’s all because of you!! Paddle on Keith…well done!!!

  12. Nagle says:

    Rented “Into the Wild” this weekend in your honor. Thought about you a lot during the kayaking scenes which were plentiful. I bet what you are taking in from the looks of the many photos is beyond description and every bit as impressive as what was in the movie. On a side note, the Nagle clan will be embarking on a difficult 2.5 mile journey down the Comal River in New Braunsfels later this summer and we are preparing now for this physically demanding expedition. My hope is that my journey will inspire you to keep going when any thoughts of giving up enter your stream of consciousness. Be safe and be well, look forward to seing you at the Trinity.

  13. Laurel Padgett says:

    Keith, your journey continues to be exilerating. For all those ‘naysayers’ — look at you go!!! You are building everlasting memories for yourself as well as dreams and goals for so many others to look forward to. Can’t wait to join you when this is all done and share your memories. You Rock!

  14. Nagle says:

    It’s my duty to keep you updated on our little Mavs Keith. We just had some breaking news tonight- Tyson Chandler back in Dallas! We gave up our two second rounders in this years draft, Calderon, Dalenbert, Ellington and Larkin. We get Chandler and Felton and hopefully puts us in the mix for a possible Carmelo signing as we are at least on his radar. You and I haven’t had a playoff road trip since the game 4 overtime thriller at OKC in the 2011 West Finals. Hopefully the road will be calling us again next summer.

    “Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe.” – Henry David Thoreau

  15. Larry Harmon says:

    Enjoyed visiting with you at Ft. Benton campground. Will continue to follow. Safe travels.

  16. Tracy Romine says:

    Wow, what a goal! Is a book in the works?

  17. Donald Zinter says:

    Great pictures, the canoe still look good so thats a plus. Have a safe journey and enjoy the scenry as you travel. We all love and miss you

  18. Eric Rowden says:


    We continue to be impressed with the enormity of this undertaking. We need to get some national pub on this……

    You will never view the clip of Steve Young after he won the Super Bowl the same again….”and nobody can EVER, EVER!! …..take this away”

    Be safe, we are with you in spirit!


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