Today is the Day!!!

“Don’t look back, ooh a new day is breakin’. It’s been too long since I felt this way. I don’t mind ooh where I get taken. The road is callin’, today is the day.”-Boston

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past couple weeks.  Stay tuned, I will provide additional insight over the next week or so….

The ghost of Sakakawea came to visit me…here is our conversation recapping the past couple weeks.

SAK: Keith, why no updates?

KL: Well, the past couple weeks have been a challenge.  I have had limited wifi coverage, it has been very windy, cold and wet.

SAK:  Ah yes, I hope you enjoyed the NW winds that I sent your way…this is payback for renaming my lake to Black Cat.

KL: You need professional help Sak, your winds were a total pain in my rear.  In fact, you slowed me down significantly.  Canoeing on your strong winds is quite difficult.  I hope your lake freezes soon.

SAK: I saw you really struggling going against the winds, how was the cold weather?

KL: Tough. It slows everything down.  It is tough paddling with frostbite and frozen toes.

SAK: Is it true that you stayed inside on two separate occasions?

KL: Yes, Dustin Holt tracked me down in Paris (Arthur City) and was way over the top in his assistance.  He is another bff.  Also, it was so cold a couple Sunday’s ago I literally walked up to a house and asked to stay.  It worked.  John Durst & Mayfield took me in and sheltered me.  For this I am eternally grateful.  They also assisted with a portage around Lake Texoma.

SAK: Thoughts on finishing the Red?

KL:  Can’t believe it. Tough stretch, but sense of accomplishment to finish.

SAK: What’s up with 4000 miles, seems like official miles may be lower.

KL: Here is how I arrived at 4000 miles.

Beaverhead River-1.5 miles (according to me)

Jefferson River-88 miles (83 miles-Wikipedia)

Missouri River-2341 miles (I portaged about 40-Wikpedia)

Mississippi River (MO River to Red)-845 miles (US Corp of Engineers)

Red River (from Mississippi) to Dennison Dam)-725 miles (Audubon)

Lake Texoma, Red River, Trinity River (and Lakes Ray Roberts, Lewisville)- at least enough to get me to 4,000

SAK: Thought on completing trip?

KL: Hard to put into words.  I am really excited to see me friends and family.

SAK: You look hot with that beard, you shaving it?

KL: Good to see you are coming around….yes in due time.

SAK: What’s next?

KL: Great question.  Not sure what the future holds…

Also, a real special thank you to Dustin Holt, Jason Durst & Mayfield for their assistance-I’ll never forget…

Norm Miller drove down here from Montana to spend the final week with me.  Words can not express how thankful I am to Norm for his assistance.  Time is our most precious commodity and Norm decided he wanted to spend a week with me and my family during Thanksgiving.  That pretty much says it all.

I had no idea he was coming…I saw him on river left just as I was finishing The Red.  The most surprising moment of the trip…

I look forward to seeing everyone today.  Thank you for following-Keith







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10 Responses to Today is the Day!!!

  1. Vicki says:

    “Has anybody seen the Bridge” – Led Zeppelin

    Keith will when he makes his way back to Dallas!! He will finish underneath the Continental Pedestrian Bridge. This has been an incredible journey, but I am ready for Keith to be back home. I am so proud of him!



  2. don says:

    It was awesome watching you go under the Continental Bridge as you completed your voyage. I got great plcs and video looking down on your arrival. Glad to give them to you when you make your documentary! Glad your home safely. Congratulations.

  3. Mayor Tom Hyndman says:

    Congratulation on your successful trip Keith.What an experance to remember. One that you will never forget.Glad you made it home safely. The rivers here in Montana are cold and freezing. Ice jams are forming on the rivers. Hope to hear from you now and then when you get the time. I still have 2 years left on my Mayors term. Sorry I couldn’t be there when you docked,but I thought and prayed for you all the way. Say hi to your family and again Congratulations on your journey from Montana to Texas

    Mayor Tom Hyndman
    Twin Bridges, Montana

  4. Jeanne says:

    Just watched your arrival in Dallas on the CBS news. Congratulations and welcome home!

  5. Brian Simpson says:

    To say that I am impressed by Keith’s accomplishment is such an understatement. Keith I forever will be in awe of you. You set a goal, you planned it and you kicked it’s ass!

    Build on it my friend. Do what makes you happy.

  6. bacaruda73 says:

    Congrats Keith! What an amazing Journey to follow. I hope that you someday look over your daily log and begin to fill in spot in more detail. I believe this will allow you to get a book out of it. I know I’d buy it!

    Also thank you for sharing your adventure with all of us.

    Glad you’re back home.

    God Bless you Brother,

  7. Michael Callaway says:

    For those that wish to join the Friends of the Voyage Facebook page here is the link.

  8. Dana TeCulver says:

    Congratulations Keith! Just amazing. Well done. Sorry I couldn’t be there for the final take-out. We were flying back from Vegas that day. You obviously learned alot about canoeing, camping, yourself, and the American people. Your final blog or book or however you document the trip will be interesting. See you ’round!

  9. James Harper says:

    Well done Keith. I am glad you made it back safely.

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