Trip Log

This is based off the Google Maps page, and is an approximation of how far Keith has went each time I measure.

–Google Map–

Percent is assuming 3,923 miles total.

Keith Voyage
Date Day Miles Miles per Day % Done
6/13/2014 10 166 16.6 4.2%
6/16/2014 13 258 19.8 6.6%
6/20/2014 17 321 18.9 8.2%
6/24/2014 21 445 21.2 11.3%
6/28/2014 25 544 21.8 13.6%
7/3/2014 30 604 20.1 15.4%
7/12/2014 39 822 21.1 21.0%
7/20/2014 47 954 20.3 24.3%
7/25/2014 52 1051 20.2 26.8%
8/3/2014 61 1256 20.6 32.0%
8/13/2014 71 1467 20.7 37.4%
8/19/2014 77 1688 21.9 43.3%
9/2/2014 91 1979 21.7 50.4%
9/17/2014 106 2563 24.2 65.3%
10/6/2014 125 3155 25.2 80.4%
10/21/2014 140 3394 24.2 86.5%
11/18/14 168 3746 22.3 95.5%
11/29/14 180 3923 21.8 100%


26 Responses to Trip Log

  1. Keith is making good progress on his dream journey across the American Heartland from North (Twin Bridges Montana) to South (Louisiana and finally Texas). He is currently traveling at 2.5 mph, at an elevation of 3305 ft above sea level, Lat. 47.47, Lon. 111.31, on a heading of North by Northeast. His progress has taken him a total of 258 miles as of 6/16/2014. Now at that breakneck speed let’s stop for a minute and do the math, 13 days since the big launch/258 miles = 19.84 miles per day, 4,000 mile trip/19.84 miles = 203.5 days to reach Dallas, that’s 6.8 months, so he should be there by December 23, 2013 barring any unforeseen delays or catastrophes. Keep up the pace Keith you are on track for Christmas at home with family and loved ones. God Speed

  2. Michael Callaway says:

    I am sure going through a Texas Winter is not what Keith is hoping for. Has he slowly transforms into Mountain Man Keith I am sure that speed will pick up.

  3. Updated Trip Log

    Also since I lost my single long line because of a glitch in Google Maps I decided to do each line separate. That way I don’t have the whole thing break down a few months in and have to redraw a single MASSIVE line.

  4. Michael says:

    I suspect that pace will increase as he approaches the Mississip. I paddled from Illinois to New Orleans and averaged just under 50 miles per day on paddling days.

  5. Donald Zinter says:

    Keep paddling Keith, you are still on track for being home by December 23, 2014 after 30 days of paddling. Thats a remarkable pace to have maintained for that long, but if you can slowly increase the pace to greater than 20 miles per day you will get home that much sooner.

  6. Donald Zinter says:

    Now Hear This; Keith has picked up the pace, after day 39 he has completed 822 miles of his 4,000 mile journey. Folks that’s a whopping 21.08 mile per day average, with almost one quarter of his journey behind him, what surprises could possibly be lurking in the distance as he continues his trek. Go Keith Go.

  7. Donald Zinter says:

    Glad to see your calculator is working, I like the revised format of your trip log and it saves me some extra work in calculating your progress. The average miles per day travelid and % complete of the trip is a very good addition. Good job Son and keep it up, your doing great.

  8. Donald Zinter says:

    Can you believe, 71 days and still averaging 20.7 miles per day, now that my friends is consistancy. Good showing Keith, keep up the good work and fast pace.

  9. Norm says:

    Congrats Keith making great stories for the future!!! FYI… Dale Waldo who passed you early on in Montana just arrived at the Arch in St. Louis yesterday for the first descent by CANOE from the utmost source of the Missouri at Browers Spring!! He paddled the total distance in 56 days!!!! This is the 5th recorded descent by anyone from the source! ( The previous 4 were in kayaks). Cheers Keith and hope to still find you lost gear soon!.

  10. Donald Zinter says:

    Congratulations Vicki on your rendezvous with Keith over Labor Day Weekend. Looks like his canoe is currently parked beside someone’s house in a nice area of Kansas City, where I presume he is waiting for transportation back to the river so he can once again continue on his journey to Dallas.

  11. Elizabeth Bienkiewicz says:

    Half of your journey is complete. Congratulations. So proud of you.

  12. Donald Zinter says:

    So on the 106th day of his voyage Keith spent the night in Hickman Tennessee. Good progress so far that 2563 miles is real impressive and you have 2/3 of the trip completed, CONGRATULATIONS.
    Hickman County was named for Edwin Hickman, an explorer and surveyor who was killed in an Indian attack in the area in 1791. The county was established in 1807, and named for Hickman at the suggestion of Robert Weakley, a legislator who had been a member of Hickman’s surveying party.[1]
    Throughout the 19th century, the county’s industry revolved around iron furnaces, which made use of the county’s natural supply of high-quality iron ore.[1] Early furnaces included Napier’s furnace near Aetna, which was destroyed by Union soldiers during the Civil War, and furnaces built by the Standard Coal Company in the 1880s.[1]
    Hickman natives include songwriter Beth Slater Whitson and Grand Ole Opry personality Minnie Pearl.[1] William F. Lyell was a corporal in the United States Army during the Korean War. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on August 31, 1951.
    The county is the subject of the Johnny Cash song, “Saturday Night In Hickman County,” and the Hickman community of Grinder’s Switch is mentioned in the song, “The South’s Gonna Do It Again,” by the Charlie Daniels Band.

  13. Michael Callaway says:

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Memphis, TN. Enjoy the BBQ and say hi to Elvis for me. If it was me walking around in Memphis I would have the Marc Cohn song, “Walking In Memphis” playing in my head.

  14. Took me a bit to get this in, but here is the update.

  15. Elizabeth Bienkiewicz says:

    Thank you for the update. Your progress is amazing, Keith.

  16. Donald Zinter says:

    Good showing Keith, 3,155 mile traveled as of Monday 10/06/2014 is mighty impressive for a seasoned canoe paddler, and even more impressive for an amature as you transitioned from the Mississippi to the Red River. Now the real challenge begins as you paddle against the current, and it looks like you are up for the challenge as you spent Wednesday night in Brouillette LA, about half way between the Mississippi River and Alexandria LA. Brouillette is a populated place located in Avoyelles Parish at latitude 31.212 and longitude -92.022. The elevation is 56 feet. Brouillette appears on the Marksville North U.S. Geological Survey Map. Avoyelles Parish is in the Central Time Zone. It is on the Red River approx. 38 river miles SE of Alexandria LA. You can tell by the description above just how desolate the are is where he is currently paddling. Keith is currently paddling at 2.5 mph, heading SW, Lat. 31.19, Lon. -92.16, Elev. 54 ft above sea level.

  17. Hello Keith,

    Safe paddling and tons of encouragement. I have loved reading your trip logs and looking at your pictures. You are doing an amazing thing that is inspiring for people to get out there and just do it. I applaud you for your bravery and your family for giving you their support while you pursue this solo dream.

    I plan on following your trip from now on and I hope you have many days with no wind except at your back, watch out for those alligators.
    Safe paddling.

  18. Norm says:

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!

  19. Updated the Log. I updated the percentages based on the final miles. I am sure I missed some miles, so its probably a little more bit higher then this but this should be close.

    I also updated the Google Map for the final number.

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