Tuesday June 17th to Friday June 20th (morning)

I want to let everyone know for the next two weeks I will be in some of the most remote and most beautiful sections in America, I do not anticipate I will have internet access and do not anticipate making any updates.  My tracker should continue to update my progress.  Wish me luck.

It continued to rain on Tuesday morning, I packed everything up and headed for Great Falls.  I paddled in a steady rain, finally arriving in Great Falls around 1:00.  As soon as I approached Great Falls, the rain stopped and the sun poked out for the remainder of the afternoon.  Go figure.

Upon arriving in Great Falls, I called the number on the back of the portage sign and Jim Meade let me know he would be more than happy to assist with the portage.  Jim took me to a pizza joint, agreed to keep my boat for a couple days and dropped me off at a local hotel. Oh, the joy.

Jim assists Missouri River paddlers with portaging around Great Falls, which has 5 dams. He was extremely gracious and spent significant time discussing conditions down river. Note his license plate, so great.


I spent the rest of Tuesday and Wednesay relaxing, I did a few errands and finally secured my power adapter for my computer.  I ran into Mike at the hotel on Wednesday night, he also had a few harrowing days on the river.  He will be staying in Great Falls a couple extra days, I decided to launch on Thursday Morning.

Thursday morning Jim dropped me off down river about 17 miles from Fort Benton. The launch site also doubles as a car ferry site, I am pictured with Brian who assists cars with being ferried across the Missouri. It was a nice, easy, beautiful paddle to Fort Benton, I arrived around 1:00 and setup camp at a Canoe Camp and crashed for about 2 hours.  I spent last night a local pub where the patrons would not allow me to pay for a beer.  Good times for sure, today was a good day.  I do miss seeing familiar faces.







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4 Responses to Tuesday June 17th to Friday June 20th (morning)

  1. Patrick says:

    taking on the look of the seasoned “Frontier’s” men…..just like my truck….pictures are great…..I miss the adventure everyday….not sure I could do what your doing though….I think I speak for everyone that knows you that you should find comfort and strength (when you need it most) in all of our(s) support……Lewis, Clark, & Keith expeditions….

  2. Dana TeCulver says:

    Already an amazing adventure with many tales to tell. Beautiful country! I’m sure the pictures don’t even do it justice. By the way, you have some good skills as a writer. Book maybe? Paddle on.
    See you on the other side of THE LAKE!

  3. Wajid says:

    You are living the dream my friend!!! Really enjoying the updates, stay safe and dry!!!

  4. Donald Zinter says:

    Great to know there a re a few good people out there who are willing to help others live their dream of paddling the great reivers of America. Keep going Keith the trip is is getting shorter by the day (when you are paddling that is). I’m sure the book publishers are lining up their airline reservations and hotel accomodations for your return to Dallas so they can discuss a book deal with you.

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