Canoe & Kayak Magazine Article

Canoe & Kayak magazine ran a story on my adventure.  Enjoy.

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6 Responses to Canoe & Kayak Magazine Article

  1. Donald Zinter says:

    Dude, you are getting more famous by the day. Very good article about a very interesting person,keep on paddling “Rock Star”

  2. bacaruda73 says:

    Fantastic. You are immortalized on paper!

    Paddle on Brother!
    You’re getting closer

  3. scott mestrezat says:

    Where is the classic rock quote?

  4. Jdub says:

    Keith….you’re the only celebrity I know. Congratulations!

  5. Here is a story from Gainsville Chanel 12

  6. Here is another article I ran across on Keith. Might of already been posted somewhere and I missed it.

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