Keith Responds

Quick update: I am in Great Falls and have been resting for the past day and a half (not really, but I have not been paddling). I will be portaged tomorrow morning around Great Falls and will be back at it.

Everyone, thank you for all the comments, they are greatly appreciated and really help with my motivation.  I apologize for delay in responding, I do read them…keep them coming.  Here are some of my responses:

Patrick/David/Barracuda: Look, I am trying to get to Fort Benton, I will worry about the Red/Trinity portage down the road.  There is no direct connection, I will have to portage from the 35 bridge under the red to Gainesville about 4 miles. Great american philosopher Bill Belichick says “one practice at a time.”

Patrick: I hear you every time I do something dumb, which is daily.  You aren’t even with me and you are still stressing me out…lol.

To all who are tracking miles and time….let’s face it, when I stared I wasn’t exactly in “paddling shape”.  I know it seems like progress is slow and it will probably be that way until I get to Nebraska, once I get to Nebraska I will not have portages and will be with the current until I get to the Red.  I will also be a lean mean paddling machine.

Kent, yes I will be portaged around all 5 dams and down river, the section is dangerous just past the dams and will be dropped off today about 20 miles from Fort Benton.  This is typical for Missouri River paddlers.  Don’t worry Kent, I’ll make it to Mavs games for the 2014-2015 season.

Jared, my gopro3 and multiple other camcorders, recording devices, delorme, sd cards, etc. are sitting somewhere in the Missouri River.  I am hoping Norm Miller can pull out another miracle and find it.  We will see if my Watershed bag holds up…I am holding out hope…although fading.

Old Man, thank you for all your support, words can not thank you enough.  I will say, like Pat, I hear you yelling at me for all my dumb moves. LOL squared.

Mike, yes I love yelling at random strangers to take my photo.  This is where I am right now in life.

James, if you only heard me after the recording….I will say in my defense you didn’t have me making it past one week.  So there’s that.

Mayor Tom, I love Montana, and there is no better place to start a voyage than Twin Bridges. You may never get the key back. The Gates was really, really cool. The weather has been trying…but all is good.

Keith, first of all…GREAT first name.  You are an inspiration, you did it with humor and a great attitude…I have read your account many many times and enjoy it EVERY time.

Scott, you are still a legend in these parts.  Jim is portaging me around Great Falls and all he wants to discuss is your SUP last year. I am starting to feel like chopped liver.  Even the taxi driver knew who you were.  Thank you for all your time over the past year!!

Betty, what more can I say, you are “Wicked Good People”

Pat, yep agreed, working on that.

Jason, yea, I hear ya.  I think you would love the Montana canoe scene.  Right in your wheelhouse.  Oh, and tell Harper to be quiet.

Pam, I actually miss taking out the trash.  Glad you are following, we will have to have a great neighborhood get together upon my return.

Ron, oh yea, I am now a lashing expert.  As the great paddler Bobber said “Keith you have the spirit, not sure about the skill, you can capsize, but you can’t lose your s…..”  Bobber not sure where you are (he is paddling the MO this year) but thank you for your assistance.

Karl, thank you for your thoughts

Michael, Yes, that has been my early experience.  Would love to see you on the banks to the lovely Trinity.

Morgan, thank you, you may just have to “Show Me” some assistance…

Rob Walker, OK I deserved that.  The 3 camera in the MO Breaks is now officially off the table.  It would be an awesome shot though…..

Katiem, thank you, what is life without some adventure?

Leigh Ann, have a beer for me at the Rays game.

Vicki, last but certainly not least…..thank you for your support.  For those that know you, yes I can confirm you are the bestest.


Thank you once again-Let’s Canoe












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6 Responses to Keith Responds

  1. Patrick says:

    nice to hear from you…..I can’t stop think of the “expedition” without referring to it as Lewis, Clark, and Keith. keep up the good work, enjoy yourself.

  2. Patrick says:

    p.s. there is a nice looking golf course, Meadow Lark Country Club, across the river south of I-15. Take a break and play a round. Fore!!!!!!

  3. bacaruda73 says:

    Keep it up Keith, this journey will test your soul. I can’t wait until you get to the current in Nebraska. I’m curious to see how much distance you can cover while going with the flow.

  4. Christopher says:

    I have long wanted to make such an epic canoe voyage. I and following you on a daily basis and perhaps I will be able to put my canoe or my yak in the Red and give you some company if you are willing, once you get down to these parts.

  5. Norm says:

    Doing great! Glad you made it to Ft. Benton.

  6. Jason says:

    Telling Harper to be quiet is pointless. You would have been more successful paddling the other day during the hailstorm.

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