Three Rivers to Townsend Montana

“Thank you Mike, Norm and Kris for your hospitality and selflessness.”-Me

After I make my way to safety, Mike and I go retrieve the boat.  There is not a problem with it.  It is a tank (thank you Clipper).  My thoughts are now focused on getting my goods back from down river, a task that will be difficult at best.  I am confident I can retrieve my electronics bag since it has my spot beacon.

Norm Miller (he canoed the entire Missouri River UPSTREAM in 2004) joins Mike and I as we head down the Missouri River, Norm negotiates every eddy, side channel, etc. and he is about to retrieve quite a bit of my items.  Still no sign of the electronics bag, of course anyone following me knows where the bag is but there is no internet access just downstream from the Headwaters.  We camp for the night.

Saturday we head out an finally reach Toston Dam, a spectacular stretch, without any luck.  We are finally able to get internet access and look at my site to see where the spot tracker (Delorme) is coming from.  Norm knows the river very well and say’s hey “Let’s Play Two” and retraces the entire route from Friday and Saturday to pick up the spot tracker.  I can not thank him and his girlfriend Kris enough for going out of their way to help me out.  Mike too. Norm retraces our entire paddle from Friday and Saturday while Kris chauffeurs me around Bozeman to buy items that I could not retrieve (sleeping bag, tent, etc.).

Norm spent essentially 2 days kayaking to help me find my stuff.  Unbelievable.  Unfortunately, he was not able to retrieve the spot tracker since it is most likely wedged in an inaccessible area.  He is confident once the river levels drop (and they will) it will show up.  Now, if the Watershed bag holds up is another story.

This will result in a delay of my spot tracker, I hope to have another one running shortly.

I think after all of this, it simply intensifies the desire to complete this trip.  This is a setback, a tough one, but hey what would Lewis & Clark do?  They would not have waived the flag and headed home, I sure won’t either.

I paddled today with Mike and arrived in Townsend.  Tomorrow we will be making our way to the first lake, Canyon Ferry…..stay tuned.  I will post updates when I can, I appreciate all of the support-thank you very much.

P.S. Once I get a camera, I will start posting pictures.  The videos I had hoped to post may be on hiatus.






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8 Responses to Three Rivers to Townsend Montana

  1. Katiem. says:

    Glad you made it and hope the weather holds for you.katiem

  2. Tina Baez says:

    Like you said, it is a small setback, but keep on moving. This is going to be epic and something that will define you for the rest of your life. Sending strength and well wishes your way—

  3. Tiffany Hartmann says:

    Makes for hell of a blog, my friend. Stay safe, smart, and serene.

  4. Wajid says:

    Glad to see that you and the canoe are ok. Hopefully the rest of the journey will be less intense. Hang in there we are all pulling for you.

  5. Dana TeCulver says:

    Way to hang tough Keith! You didn’t really expect to go all the way without a few “unexpected adventures” did you? Learn your lessons (from your friends or the hard way) and keep paddling. We are living vicariously through you and don’t want to stop!

  6. Rob Walker says:

    Did you have time to do those three camera set ups you discussed?

  7. Peyton Manning from Parker CO. says:

    You overcame this setback and this will only make you stronger and more wise. The story you shared was amazing. You are the man.

  8. Jared King says:

    The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.
    -Tommy Lasorda

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