Pictures from the Trip

Here is some pictures Keith sent me to post for you guys.


wpid-img_0066.jpg wpid-img950067.jpg


wpid-img_0069.jpgwpid-img956354.jpg wpid-img955042.jpg

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12 Responses to Pictures from the Trip

  1. Patrick says:

    nice pictures…the hard part is over (getting started)….enjoy the ride….

  2. Patrick says:

    did you portage over the rapids, or did you ride demon out?????

  3. Kenny Gossett says:

    Hey buddy! I’ve been thinking about you and hope everything is going well for you now that you are actually on the river. The scenery looks beautiful and is probably much better in person than in the pictures. How are you feeling – physically and mentally? Are your arms a little sore? Do you feel the burn? Give us an update when you can on what your day is like, what your are thinking, and how you are feeling. Enjoy!

  4. Added another picture that just came in.

  5. Jared King says:,-111.8905039,21743m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

    Above is a link to where Keith is currently located on Google Maps.

    You can enter the Latitude and Longitude coordinates here to copy and paste into Google Maps.

  6. Jason Wright says:

    I hope you received the copy of Deliverance that I sent you. Squeal like a pig!!

  7. Mayor Tom Hyndman says:

    Keith, I feel about as nervous watching you taking off as you probable do. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. Hope the weather is cooperating for you. It was nice meeting your family. I will be watching and listening for you as you continual your journey to Dallas,TX. GOD be with you.

  8. Kent Schreyer says:

    Looks like Keith made a lot of progress today. Appears he will be on the Missouri River tomorrow. How’s the current? At least you were able to raise your arms over your head, so you’re not totally wasted yet! Keep the pictures coming.

  9. Kerry says:


    Great photos. Enjoy the rapids, the sites, even the rain. Boys are wishing they are with you.

  10. scott mestrezat says:


    In two days I will have my one year anniversary of my launch down the Missouri. A day I will never forget. Whenever it gets tough just remember that there are amazing times ahead. Soak it all in.


  11. Brad Moore says:

    Looking like a good trip so far! Keep posting the pics as you can! Good luck!

  12. Katiem. says:

    Keith, I love your sense of adventure! I’ll be following you on your journey. I hope the experience grows you in ways you never could imagine. Katiem.

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