Townson to Canyon Ferry Lake

Monday June 9th “I’m older now but still runnin against the wind.”-Bob Segar Off to Canyon Ferry Lake.  After a nice meal on Sunday night (Hamburger & Tots) with Norm and Mike, I made my way back to the Townson campground. Norm was kind enough to deliver a new Delorme tracker so I could resume tracking my journey.  I actually had a great night sleep save for the train that blew by early Monday morning. It does take time to adjust to living outside but I feel like I am starting to acclimate. After completing the morning routine of packing all my belongings and loading into the canoe, we headed out to discover Canyon Ferry Lake. After going through many braided channels and paddling through the Delta I found myself in the middle of the lake. The last place you need to be when canoeing through a large Lake is in the middle. Fortunately, the weather was cooperative and I was able to make it to the left side of the river. We also had a rare SE wind which aided us in making progress…until we stopped for lunch. After lunch the winds shifted to a NE wind which meant I was now paddling into the wind. The friendly current I had enjoyed up until this point was now a distant memory, now it would be a slow an tedious paddling against the wind. After a fee more hours we arrived at the KOA campground (at the Silos)…oh yea, Keith is taking a shower. I spent the afternoon relaxing at the campground, interacting with a few locals and feasting on treats from a nearby burger joint-Pink Flamingo.  After charging all my electronics and getting the spot tracker working I headed back to camp for a nights rest. It was a beautiful evening and I witnessed an amazing sunset (photo posted earlier this week). (here it is again) wpid-img950101.jpg

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