Canyon Ferry Silos to almost White Earth

Tuesday June 10th

“Shed a tear cause I’m missing you, I’m still alright to smile”- GNR

One week down.  With the capsizing debacle behind me, and the adjustment process still under way, Mike and I head out onto Canyon Ferry. I had visions of grandeur, I feel like we should be able to get to the dam (end of lake) by days end. No chance.

We are fighting a stiff wind and make almost no progress. After battling the wind and waves for a few hours, we settle into a cove for lunch. We never made it out.

The wind made it impossible to resume our trek up the lake. This was  my most frustrating day so far, I mean we had not even made it to the half way point of the lake (it is about 25 miles long).  We made camp, had some tasty Mac & Cheese and called it a night.

I understand there will be days when I  will make little or no progress, but so early on combined with other factors made it disappointing.

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2 Responses to Canyon Ferry Silos to almost White Earth

  1. Jason Wright says:

    Better to put in early than to try to fight a strong headwind.

  2. scott mestrezat says:

    My first day on Canyon Ferry was one of the top 3 hardest of the trip. I walked for miles along shore which was not worth it at all. This is one tough lake to start on. As you know by now there are great rewards not too far downstream of the dam. I see you are in Craig right now. BEAUTIFUL downriver.

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