Q&A with Keith

CV:  Why are you starting in Twin Bridges on the Jefferson River(technically Beaverhead) and not Three Forks at the start of the Missouri River?

KL: I have never been to Montana and I understand it is the most beautiful stretch of the trip.  I’m already going about 3900 miles, what’s another 90?

Ok, so no one actually asked me that question although I felt it was important to address.

CV: Where will you stay?

KL: I will stay in my tent in a nice comfy spot along side of the river.   I anticipate R&R days as I go into larger towns (i.e. Great Falls, Bismark, Pierre, Omaha, etc.).

CV: How long will it take?

KL: Hopefully 5-6 months.

CV: What is significant about this route?

KL: I will retrace Lewis & Clark’s route for over 2500 miles. (Twin Bridges to St. Louis)  Of course, my completion will actually be more impressive.

CV: Food?

KL: Freeze Dried delicacies.  Probably any real food within a 3 mile radius of the river when possible & prudent.

CV: Why a Pink Canoe?

KL: A tribute to my mother-in-law who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.   Thankfully, her recovery is promising.

CV: What have you done to prepare for the trip?

KL: Mental preparation.  The best way to get in shape to paddle 3900 miles is to paddle 3900 miles.

CV: Kesha or Katy?

KL: Led Zeppelin is more my style.  Kesha though.  Musically speaking of course.

CV: Gronk spike?

KL: More to come.

CV: Can you really paddle the Trinity River, aren’t there bodies floating in it?

KL: The Trinity is one of DFW’s most unheralded assets.  I’ll simply paddle around “the debris.”

CV: Will you be the first person to canoe from Twin Bridges MT to Dallas TX?

KL: As far as I can tell, Yes.

CV: Good luck with the Red River,  will you be canoeing upstream?

KL: Thank you and yes.  This is when it really gets interesting.

CV: Are you going alone the entire trip?

KL: It is possible some friends (hint Tyler) may accompany me for part of the journey.

CV: Best sports events attended?

1. SB 36

2. 04 ALCS Game 7

3. 06 Western Conference Semifinals Game 7

4. 91 Adams Division Final Game 7


Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions.  Thank you. Let’s Canoe-Keith




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5 Responses to Q&A with Keith

  1. Phil Wismer says:

    We are cheering you on in this adventure Keith….thanks for figuratively taking the plunge!

  2. Keith says:

    Thank you Phil (and Brandy), your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

  3. Mark Smith says:

    Leave a job of 20 years to canoe 4000 miles by yourself? Lunacy has no boundaries. I hope your wife doesn’t find similar exhilaration with a boy toy during your absence. At least you’ll have a nice tan and a slimmer phsique to entice her upon your return. Just be sure that your man-thong always matches your life preserver so we won’t be subjected to poor fashion choices on your video blog. Good luck!!

  4. Keith says:

    Mark, your comments are reassuring….and I look attractive in a thong regardless of color. Thank you for your well thought out words of encouragement.

  5. J-DUB says:

    Good luck Keith! YDAGJ! I may come meet you somewhere along the way.

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