Canoe Voyage Video

Youtube video

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  1. John & Karen says:

    Lord help you….

  2. Keith says:

    Go Patriots.

  3. Shannon Petty says:

    So jealous! You rock!

  4. Keith says:

    Thank you Shannon. I roll as well.

  5. Tina Baez says:

    Wicked awesome!!!

  6. Vicki Lynch says:

    After being married to you for almost 15 years, you would think that I would be used to your crazy ideas. However, this is undoubtedly the most outlandish concept you have conceived. The amount of physical and mental challenge will test you mind, body and soul!

    Your world is about to be turned upside down. Waking up in your bed listening to sports talk radio will be replaced with the sounds of nature and a 5:37 a.m. sunrise. Meals normally prepared by our wife will now consist of you cooking over a campfire or scrounging in your canoe looking for something edible. The work day previously riddled with phone calls and email requests will now be filled with physical exertion and paddling.

    I hope you afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds that many never get to experience in their lifetime. As you are exploring, take a moment to reflect upon the patriots that helped to discover the country and what they may have encountered in their adventures. Respect the vitality and dangers of the water and the surrounding shores and this will help to keep you safe!

    I will miss you like crazy!! I take comfort that with every paddle of your canoe you will be that much closer to coming home to me.



  7. Terry Zinter says:

    wow you’re really going to do it you are a madman congratulations I know you’ll make it

    • Keith says:

      Terry, it is slightly disappointing that it took you 33 years to draw that conclusion. I do appreciate your (perhaps misguided) confidence in my ability to finish.

  8. Uncle Dennis and Aunt Hazel says:

    We love you and have confidence that you’ll do your very best… just wish you were taking someone else along… that way incase you do encounter a bear, you’d just have to be able to run faster than your partner. We prefer transportation devices with wheels not paddles…. how about a long drive instead? We can meet you at the thermometer in Baker! You’ll be in our prayers!

  9. As the youngest of my three sons, and having been dropped on his head as a mere babe, all I can say about this great adventure Keith is about to embark on is that he has really gone over the edge (or as his Mother would often say “he has come undone), or he is dealing with a severe “mid-life-crisis”.
    “God speed and bring you home safely” Good Luck and I love you Keith

  10. Dana TeCulver says:

    Men need adventure in their lives. Man are you filling that void and then some!!! I’m a bit jealous and inspired to consider adventures of my own, like actually walking when I play golf! Scarey, huh?
    Seriously, this is exciting! Enjoy it. Be careful. I’ll be following along on your website.
    GO Bills!

  11. Laurel Padgett says:

    I’m excited for you already, Keith. I’m so impressed how you have had a dream and have found a way to fulfill that dream — go, Keith, go – you are an inspiration!

  12. Lil Ortega says:

    Make sure you take plenty floss with you! : ) I hear floss can have many functions!
    Be safe, good luck!
    So excited to see and hear about your venture.

  13. What an adventure you’re embarking on Keith. I have no doubt you will succeed. Looking forward to more videos and to following your progress during the summer.

  14. Brandy Wismer says:

    Being a parent who has one son who travel with a Bedoiin Tribe in the desert of Oman and another one who has lived in a tree for a year and lived in a remote valley that took 12 hour hike one way to reach I’m use to supporting people I love with wild ideas. So here is to your great adventure! Take care and be careful and enjoy every day.

  15. Keith says:

    Thank you Brandy, your thoughts are appreciated.

  16. Jared King says:

    Just wanted to say I’m looking forward to seeing some “Go-Pro” videos especially if you have some wild animals chasing after you. As the unknown author once said, “To live life to the fullest sometimes you have to jump out of your comfort zone.”

  17. Michael Callaway says:

    I am confident Keith will do great on this, anyone with the Course on Winning on cassette tape on his desk has to be mentally and physically ready for anything. Also, what would Jesse do? Only Keith knows the answer to that.

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